How We Make Our Workstation So Quiet
Quiet Workstations

How To Make A Quiet Workstation

6 Steps To Make A Quiet Computer Workstation It is one thing being able to build a powerful computer workstation that gives users all the performance you could need. We help our customers achieve this every day, but we don’t just stop there. In addition

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Intel Scalable Family Header
Intel Xeon

Intel Launch New Skylake-SP Xeon Processors

It has been announced today that Intel will be releasing a new range of Enterprise Class Xeon processors based on the new Skylake-SP processor architecture. Four new classifications of processors will be introduced to denote the performance of the processor. These are the Intel Xeon

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Intel Skylake X Header
Intel Core Workstations

Intel Core i9 Launch: Intel Steps Things Up Unveiling a Huge 18-Core CPU

Intel has launched several new CPU’s based on their Skylake-X architecture, including the very first Intel Core i9. Following the unveiling of these new processors Workstation Specialists will be releasing new systems based on the Core i7-7800X, Core i7-7820X, and Core i9-7900X Shortly. The Core

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Intel Optane Header
Intel Optane

Intel Optane Xpoint Storage Technology Roundup

Does your Workstation feel slow? Is it taking too long to boot, load application and Files? Intel’s new innovative storage technology maybe just what you need. One of the main reasons why your system chugs along at extremely slow speed is because of its hard

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NVIDIA Quadro Family

NVIDIA Unveils New Pascal Based Quadro Cards

NVIDIA has just announced its new range which features a mix of Pascal Quadro graphic cards and the flagship Quadro GP100 design for more compute workflows. The announcement came during the SOLIDWORKS world Annual Trade Show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This is

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BVE 2017 Banner

Register for Free and Join us at BVE 2017

BVE 2017 is now only one week away. We will be joining our partners NVIDIA and PNY at the UK’s leading Entertainment and Media Tech event hosted at London ExCel, 28th of Febuary to 2nd of March. We will be showcasing our latest Dual Intel

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Kaby Lake
Intel Core Workstations

First Look at Intel’s 7th Generation Kaby Lake Processors

The latest Kaby Lake processors from Intel have been specifically designed keeping the progressively advancing technological improvements in mind. If you’re looking to stream/encode high resolution videos, producing rich graphical media or manipulating large CAD assemblies then look no further than the 7th Generation Kaby

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