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Highly Configurable Storage Servers dedicated to handling your data storage requirements.
RS IXD-SOC0 G-U1N1-P1G0-E0I16 1U Storage Server Above Open

High capacity JBOD, Hardware RAID, ZFS, cold storage or high-speed flash storage.

High density Multi-GPU servers designed to maximise the performance of modern NVIDIA or AMD GPUs.
RS AE-SOC0 G-U4N1-P2G10-E22I0 4U GPU Server Front IO Right Open

World-class performance for Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, GPU rendering or Virtualisation workflows.

High-density Mulit-Node Servers excel in CPU orientated workloads.
RS IXS-C621A0 G-U4N4-P2G0-E8I0 2U 4 Node Server Front Right Open

Enterprise-Class AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Scalable Servers ideal for high-performance computing (HPC), simulation/analyse, virtualisation and CPU rendering applications.

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