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Recommended Computer Workstation For ANSYS

Best Workstation For ANSYS

The highly regarded ANSYS portfolio of engineering simulation software has made them a world leader for engineering & product design tools. The broad capabilities ANSYS offers makes it a first choice for designers to develop their vision no matter how hard the challenge. Workstation Specialists are working with professionals to configure tailor-made Workstation solutions to accelerate ANSYS performance and maximise user’s productivity.

ANSYS is a highly demanding package for computer Workstations, but it does open up a world of possibilities for engineers. Structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) are just a few computer-intensive tasks you can perform within ANSYS. Selecting the correct hardware for your particular workflow is integral to ensuring the stability, reliability and performance you need. If you would like to discover the perfect Workstation for your workflow, contact our technical advisors for a free no-obligation consultation on (+44) 0800 180 4801.

ANSYS Simulation and Analysis Workstations

Simulations and Analysis techniques are some of the most demanding tasks users can perform on the ANSYS platform. As a result, we recommended customers make use of the maximum number of cores your ANSYS software licensing allows. ANSYS scales very well on multi-core workstations. Workstations configured with high core counts speed up productivity dramatically. Dual Intel Xeon based workstations are exceptionally powerful for this use case and a solid foundation that has been tried and tested by the industry for many years.

If your license is limited to 18 cores or less, we recommended considering an Intel X-Series based Workstation. The Intel X-Series line up is still able to maximise the core allowance of your ANSYS licensing but has faster clockspeeds than an Intel Xeon option. High processor clockspeeds ensures each core is running to its maximum potential and will further increase performance within ANSYS.

You may also wish to consider GPU acceleration as a highly cost-effective way to improve your simulation and analysis times. GPU’s contain thousands of computational cores and are not subject to the same licensing terms within the ANSYS software suite.

Memory is also a significant consideration for ANSYS users. Simulations and analysis tasks operate far more efficiently if they can run directly from your system’s memory. If not enough memory is available, your system would then have to load data from your much slower storage drives. To ensure you don’t have any memory bottlenecks we recommended you configure your Workstation with at least 4-6GB of memory per CPU core.

ANSYS 3D Modelling and Design Workstations

Design and modelling tasks within ANSYS do not require as many cores and threads to perform efficiently. Therefore a system with lower core counts but high-speed cores would be more beneficial to users. Higher clockspeeds also has the benefit that users do not require more expensive ANSYS licensing to enable dramatically high core counts.

To maximise the performance of your cores, we recommended a Workstation Specialists Frequency Enhanced Workstation. These systems are professionally overclocked by our in-house team of system engineers to accelerate processor clockspeeds beyond the processor’s normal levels. With advanced cooling and optimisation techniques, reliability and stability are guaranteed for these high-performance 3D Modelling and Design Workstation solutions.

You should also pair your high-speed processor with the latest NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro graphics and super-fast NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) storage. Doing so ensures your design viewports are smooth and your application load time are short and responsive.

Mobile Workstations For ANSYS

For ANSYS user on the go, we recommended the Workstation Specialists Professional NVIDIA Quadro Mobile Workstations. These solutions feature up to 6 Cores and 12 threads, up to 64GB of the latest DDR4 system memory and super high-speed NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) storage. The Workstation Specialists WS-M Quadro range all feature Independent System Vendor ISV certified NVIDIA Quadro graphics range. The Workstation Specialists NVIDIA Quadro Mobile Workstations are high performance and extremely reliable mobile solutions perfect for ANSYS users.

Best Workstation For ANSYS

Other Ideal Systems For ANSYS

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