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How Advancements in GPU Technology like the NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 are Changing the World

We are now firmly in the age of greater computing intelligence, revolutionising industries and making things possible previously only imagined in Science Fiction. Automotive industries developing driverless cars, defence departments producing more complex drone technology, medical industries making breakthroughs in personalised care and tech giants developing Personal Assistants helping us with our daily lives. We truly are seeing an impressive and exciting time with new revolutionary products and services hitting the market all the time and it is all thanks to the dramatic increase in GPU performance of the last 5-10 years.

NVIDIA® Tesla® C870 Released 2007

• 128 Streaming Cores
• 1.35 GHz GPU Clocks
• 1536 MB GDDR3 Memory
• 384-Bit Memory Bus Width

NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 Released 2017

• 5120 CUDA Cores
• 1.38 GHz GPU Clocks
• 16 GB of CoWoS HBM2 Stacked Memory
• 4096-Bit Memory Bus Width

At the heart of these new technologies and to break it down to its simplest level a huge amount of data needs to be processed. Moving processing tasks for workflows away from the traditional CPU over to a GPU has made this possible. A server fitted with a single Tesla GPU is capable of delivering up to 40x higher inference throughput than a single-socket CPU-only server and we can now fit up to 10 GPUs in a single server. If you cluster multiple servers together then it seems the sky is the limit of computing power these days which is good news as deep learning developers are wanting to develop more complex services.


At the time of writing the NVIDIA® Telsa® V100 is the most powerful and advanced GPU in the world and at the forefront of these technical innovations. Based on the cutting edge Volta architecture the NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 can produce up to as much output as 100 CPUs.

Check Out How This Fantastic Technology Is Having A Real World Impact Today

• Harvard University: Finding Hidden Heart Problems Faster
• NCSA: Development of Detergents and Drug-Delivery Systems
• J.P. Morgan: Tesla GPUs Increase Speed of Risk Computations While Reducing Cost
• NATO CMRE: Revolutionizes real-time undersea mine detection
• SeismicCity: Quest For New Sources For Energy

Workstation Specialists Systems Compatible With The NVIDIA Tesla V100

The HPC-R2220-U2-G8 server solution is a super-computing module designed and optimized for NVIDIA Tesla computing accelerators: V100, P100, P40, K80, M40. This 2U rack offers the ability to receive up to 8 double-slot GPU cards when the rest of the market offers 2U racks supporting up to 6 cards at best in a 2U format.

• High Performance Compute System
• Dual Intel Xeon E5 2600v4
• 8x Professional NVIDIA or AMD Graphics
• 32GB-1536GB DDR4 ECC Reg. Memory
• 2U Rackmount

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