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Recommended Computer Workstation For STRUMIS

Best Workstation For STRUMIS

STRUMIS is the leading and most advanced software solution available today for steelwork fabricators providing a proven, future proof Management Information System. STRUMIS assists in reducing overheads, duplication of work and material wastage thus providing opportunities for significant improvements in efficiencies and productivity ultimately increasing profits.

STRUMIS is currently delivering benefits to steelwork fabricators around the world with full language capability, including many industry-leading fabricators in over 60 countries and most of the leading fabricators around the world. Having dedicated sales, support and training engineers with many years of industry experience to ensure STRUMIS customers maximise the return on their investment.

Here at Workstation Specialists, the hardware brand of STRUMIS Ltd, we specialise in tailoring computer hardware precisely around the needs of software packages and end-users specific workflows. In this guide, we discuss how to optimise your Workstation and Server hardware configurations, to guarantee smooth and highly productive STRUMIS operation.

Recommended Hardware for a STRUMIS Server

STRUMIS is a Client/Server application, and the two must be configured correctly to ensure the very best user experience possible. The server is where your centralised MS SQL database is stored and has to be capable of servicing many hundreds or thousands of database requests at any given time. The greater number of active users your company has, the higher demand on the server and therefore, more powerful hardware is required.

MS SQL of which STRUMIS is built upon does not require large amounts of cores and threads and as a result, fast clock speeds should be your focus to maximise performance. We recommend the Intel Xeon W-Series processors for this purpose. The fast clock speeds, world-renowned robustness of the architecture and support for Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory makes these processors the ideal choice for a mission-critical, 24/7 rated server solution.

The Intel Xeon W-Series server platforms are capable of being configured to a far higher specification than is required for your STRUMIS server. This guarantees you have the all the headroom required to future proof your server should your requirements grow over time or if you plan to run additional services on the same server.

STRUMIS server can be quite memory intensive, and therefore, we recommend customers to configure their system with 16-32GB of memory for 11-25 users and 64GB+ for 25+ users. Memory usage is very dependent upon your specific setup and workflow, but rest assured that all our servers are capable of achieving these memory capacities and higher to ensure we are always capable of meeting your needs.

High-speed storage and fast IOPS are essential for any optimised MS SQL database, and a STRUMIS server is no different. We recommend a RAID 1 or RAID 10 enterprise-class SSD configurations to provide you with the performance and redundancy a mission-critical server solution demands. The total storage capacity you require is very particular from user to user, and unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer. For example, do you plan to have external storage elsewhere on your network? What is the size of your user base? Do you plan to store documentation created by STRUMIS on the server?

We also recommend implementing robust and high bandwidth networking capabilities. 1 Gbps network ports are ideal for running the majority of STRUMIS servers, and these are included in all Workstation Specialists server solutions as standard. Should you require even faster networking, then 10 Gbps+ networking ports can be installed. All our server solutions include remote management IPMI making setup and maintenance of these platforms a dream for system administrators.

Recommended Hardware for a STRUMIS Client

STRUMIS on the client-side is a very lightweight package capable of running on almost all office-level computer hardware and even tablets. We would recommend at least a quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM and a Solid State Drive (SSD) for your Windows 10 installation and application installs.

If you plan on using the BIMREVIEW model viewer, then you should include a graphics card to boost performance further. We recommend a dedicated low to mid-range NVIDIA GeForce graphics card to ensure your system runs smoothly while driving the BIMREVIEW model viewports and powering your displays.

Other software packages you run on the same machine may have very different hardware requirements. Contact our in-house technical consultancy team today for a personalised quotation tailored to optimise and accelerate all your software packages/workflow.

Best Workstation For STRUMIS

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