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About Us

About Workstation Specialists

Workstation Specialists is a hardware brand name of the software house StruMIS Ltd. We design and manufacture high performance computing solutions for the professional market.

We service a number of industry sectors including Computer Aided Design (CAD), computer Aided engineering (CAE), Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM), Digital Content Creation (DCC), Visual Effects (VFX), Animation, Film/Broadcast, Education, Science, Research, Game Development, Post Production and many more.

Our unique integration of the world’s latest computing technologies allows us to produce the ultimate high performance experience, enhancing both the productivity and creativity of today’s industry professionals.

Our high performance computer workstation & powerful multi-core rendering systems power a variety of creative, design and manufacturing organisations. These range from large multi-national companies to freelance designers & digital artists (Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC), Automotive, Aviation, Medical Imaging, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Visual Simulation, GIS & Mapping, Oil/Gas, Game Development, Visual Effects (VFX), Broadcast/Film Animation, Virtual Set Design, Compositing, Digital Editing & Publishing).

Founded in 1986 as a hardware division of StruMIS Ltd we have grown at a tremendously fast rate and are now one of the largest independent computer workstation manufacturers in Europe. We are world leaders in integration of high performance computer workstations and render nodes. We are also Intel Platinum Technology Partners and have the highest accreditation from the Intel® corporation for system design and component integration.

Why Choose Workstation Specialists

We are the ONLY Workstation manufacturer worldwide to be backed by a leading software development company (StruMIS Ltd). This provides us with teams of both hardware and software specialists to ensure 100% compatibility with your chosen software application.

“Workstation Specialists is uniquely placed in the industry to deliver high performance computing solutions”

As a world leading computer workstation & rendering system specialist we are solely focused on delivering systems that provide a superb experience in EVERY professional application. Our specialist system engineers strive to maximize the performance and stability of every workstation & rendering system we build to help drive increasingly proficient design teams that can be both financially and creatively efficient (with reduced time to market & increased return on investment).

The Workstation Specialists Difference

We offer a unique refreshing experience when it comes to purchasing computer workstations. Most of our brand name and kit building competitors offer computers built on massive assembly lines that produce hundreds, in some cases thousands, of systems a day. Scores of unskilled labourers turn one screw or insert one card in a system and roll it down the line to the next worker and then simply loaded with a generic operating system image and shipped out the door with very little (if any) testing or certification done.

Whilst this might be the cheapest way to produce equipment it certainly isn’t the best. We employ dedicated engineers that individually build and configure every workstation from start to finish, selecting only the highest quality boxed components along with custom designed cabling & cooling solutions. This along with our wealth of computer hardware/software knowledge ensures that each system is built to the highest of industry standards to support your business without fail.

When you call us you only speak directly to dedicated professionals. You won’t have to navigate your way through an automated phone system or wait to get transferred out to an overseas call centre.

Should you ever require assistance, have any questions or simply need help, you will find our technical support department a refreshing experience. You can even speak to the workstation specialist that actually built your system who will have an in depth knowledge of your specification and configuration. This means we can answer your questions or support issues quickly and professionally, getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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