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NVIDIA TESLA - Accelerating Todays Datacentres

    • NVIDIA Tesla A100 Passive GPU
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      • NVIDIA Tesla A100 Passive GPU
      • Memory:40GB HBM2
        GPU Architecture:Ampere
        # CUDA Cores:5120
        # Tensor Cores:640
        GPU Slot Size:Dual
        Passive Cooling:TRUE
      • £7,980.21 exc. VAT
      • For world-leading performance in AI, data analytics and HPC tasks look no further than the latest NVIDIA Tesla A100 GPU. Based upon the groundbreaking Ampere architecture, the A100 is ideally suited to accelerating data centre platforms. With new technologies such as Multi-Instance GPU (or MIG), you can partition a single GPU into seven isolated GPU instances. Furthermore, the NVIDIA Tesla…

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    • NVIDIA Tesla M10 Passive – 32GB ECC GDDR5 VDI Module – 2560x CUDA Cores
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      • NVIDIA Tesla M10 Passive – 32GB ECC GDDR5 VDI Module – 2560x CUDA Cores
      • Memory:32GB GDDR5
        GPU Architecture:Maxwell
        # CUDA Cores:2560
        GPU Slot Size:Dual
        Passive Cooling:TRUE
      • £1,987.60 exc. VAT
      • The NVIDIA Tesla M10 GPU working in conjunction with NVIDIA GRID™ software provides a robust platform that achieves the world's highest user density of virtualized desktops and applications. A single card is capable of supporting up to 64 desktops at once and opens the possibility to power your entire workforce from a central location via a cost effective solution that…

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    • NVIDIA Tesla V100 Passive GPU
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      • NVIDIA Tesla V100 Passive GPU
      • Memory:32GB HBM2
        GPU Architecture:Volta
        # CUDA Cores:5120
        # Tensor Cores:640
        GPU Slot Size:Dual
        Passive Cooling:TRUE
      • £8,118.96 exc. VAT
      • The NVIDIA® Tesla® based on the industry leading Volta Architecture is currently the most advanced data centre GPU ever built. Specifically designed to accelerate AI, HPC, and Graphics this GPU is the driving force allowing data scientists, researchers, and engineers to tackle challenges once thought of as impossible.

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Leverage the power of NVDIA® Tesla® GPUs to accelerate hyperscale datacentre and intensive HPC workloads. Now scientists can process incredibly large datasets faster than ever before, opening up a new world of possibilities for research and development in fields such as oil & gas, medical research, facial recognition, artificial intelligence and many more.

Not only does NVIDIA® Tesla® deliver the fastest means of completing complex simulations available today. It also excels in high user density virtual desktop ecosystems when combined with NVIDIA GRID software.

Designed Specifically For Server Platforms

NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs passively cooled design integrates perfectly into our high-density rackmount server solutions, enabling users to achieve supercomputer levels of performance within a 1U, 2U or 4U footprint. With up to 10x GPU compute cards integrated into a single system, configurations benefiting from NVIDIA’s NVLINK technology and the ability to cluster multiple systems to work together on tasks.

Data scientists, researchers & infrastructure managers will be able to power and accelerate their workflows whether that be Deep Learning training / inference tasks, virtualising a workforce or needing to crunch large datasets within supercomputing simulation applications.

Accelerate Deep Learning Workflows

There are two key phases to Deep Learning workflows and each have their own requirements to achieve the most efficient computation times that data scientists demand. Training is the first stage and this highly demanding stage can make full use of multiple NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs to reduce computation times. With this approach, a neural network that that traditionally took months to train on a CPU can now be done in hours.

Once training is complete inference operations of new data points within a trained neural network enables the solution to generate real world benefits. Artificial Intelligence (AI) services are able to take video, visual, images and speech as an input and return valid answers or recommendations. This simple yet challenging concept is now a reality and changing the world around us. It is made possible due to the GPU acceleration technologies such as NVIDIA® Tesla® which now produces 27x higher inference throughput from a single card compared to a single CPU.

New Era In High Performance Computing

HPC workloads have traditionally only been possible by utilising large clusters of CPU based systems within a datacentre. This highly costly and inefficient design offered diminishing returns in performance as clusters grow in size and availability was very limited to only large businesses and institutions that had the resources to implement such a solution.

GPU accelerators such as NVIDIA® Tesla® have changed the high performance computing landscape, by opening up the ability to perform HPC simulation and analysis to a much larger audience. A single GPU compute server can achieve what used to require dozens or even hundreds of clustered CPU nodes, at a fraction of the cost. Now with over 600 High Performance Compute (HPC) applications fully supporting GPU acceleration the possibilities are ever growing.

Virtualise Your Workforce

The way in which businesses operate is evolving. People are demanding more flexibility in their working lives and they shouldn’t be held back by the need to stay to a fixed location because of computing resources. NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® is the perfect solution to this issue.

NVIDIA GRID software in conjunction with NVIDIA® Tesla® enables you to create virtualised graphics workstations that run on any device, anywhere. These solutions give IT administrators complete freedom to easily allocate resources for any workload, easily expand their infrastructure to add additional users and obtain the highest user density currently possible from a VDI solution.

NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs Are Ideal For

ANSYS Workstations
MATLAB Workstations
VMware Servers
Citirx Servers
TensorFlow Workstations
Pytorch Workstations
Caffe2 Workstations
Chainer Workstations

Accelerating Datacentre Workloads

Servers powered by the NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 or P100 use the performance of cut deep learning training time from months to hours.

NVIDIA Tesla Virtualisation

Virtualise Any Workload

Workflows are evolving and companies are needing to run high-end simulations and visualizations alongside modern business apps for all users and on any device.


High Performance Computing

With over 600 HPC applications accelerated—including all of the top 15 —all HPC customers can now get a dramatic throughput boost for their workloads, while also saving money.

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