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Finance & Leasing Options

Leasing provides budgetary control, predictability and enhanced cash flow at a time when developments in IT (information technology) are continually shortening equipment life cycles and speeding up obsolescence. Flexibility of financing is becoming a company’s No.1 concern.

Management of Change

When it comes to making decisions to invest in technology, organisations have to evaluate their long-term needs as well as the immediate ones. This is difficult in an era of continual change. The key to Leasing is a built in process of being fully upgradeable. Allowable discounts are accrued which enables an increasing amount of equipment to be exchanged with little or no increase in periodic rental payments.

Protection against Obsolescence

The investment decision must always be considered carefully to avoid being locked into outdated technology. Up to date systems not only provide administrative efficiency, but also increasingly deliver the service to customers, which brings competitive advantage.

Ease of Budgeting

Lease agreements can be treated as a revenue expense. This allows expenditure to be planned and budgeted for as overhead revenue cost, without the constraint of continual capital sign off. It caters for the complete system including hardware, software, maintenance and one off services in a regular payment. The individual cash flow needs can be met by structuring payments to accommodate different financial cycles.

Additional Benefits of a Leasing Solution:

  • Conserves valuable working capital
  • An alternative form of financing – leaving existing credit lines intact
  • Rentals are fixed, therefore not subject to fluctuations in interest rates
  • Payments can be tailored to meet cash flow needs
  • Accommodates changing technology
  • Rentals are fully allowable against taxable profit
  • Matches equipment to needs – both now and in the future

We provide clients with viable finance options for technology acquisition (hardware, software, cabling etc). By working with the UK’s leading finance houses, banks and similar lenders, we are able to transact leasing for businesses of any size, from small to extremely large, from embryonic to well established by using a range of different products and lending criteria.

For further information on our financial services please contact us.

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