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Desktop Workstations

Perfectly suited for professional applications such as 3D Modelling or Autodesk AutoCAD.

Mobile Workstations

Our Mobile Workstation range utilises the Intel® Desktop Processors, whilst maintaining a standard mobile form factor.

Render Nodes

The perfect companion for professionals who require corporate levels of computing power in a small office environment.


Workstation Specialists offer a wide range of Peripherals at great prices.

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Why Choose Workstation Specialists

We are the ONLY Workstation manufacturer worldwide to be backed by a leading software development company (StruMIS Ltd). This provides us with teams of hardware and software specialists to ensure 100% software compatibility.

Workstation Specialists is uniquely placed in the industry to deliver high performance computing solutions capable of dealing with a vast array of software applications.

As a world leading supercomputer provider we are solely focused on delivering systems that provide an ultimate experience in EVERY professional application. Our specialist system engineers strive to maximize the performance and stability of every product we build to help improve your workflow and increase production. This value helps reduce business costs and provide a better return on investment to make you both financially and creatively efficient.

All our systems are hand built to your bespoke configuration with best of breed components to provide a truly personal service. We put all our systems through a vigorous testing process to reduce hardware failure rates before they are shipped.

By choosing Workstation Specialists you can be assured of a personal experience with ongoing after sales support to help you reach your business potential.  Take a look at our testimonials or better still, come and talk with us today to see how we can help you make the most of tomorrow’s technology, today.

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Press room reviews Digital-Arts

"Offers flexible creative workflow for 3D and VFX; powerful workstation and rendering system."

"A specialist GPU-accelerated workstation for intensive simulation or rendering workflows."

"Good set of results, solid specification and relatively affordable price proves that the WS-X140 is a great choice of workstation for artists looking for a mid-range upgrade, or buying their first dedicated rendering computer."

Providing Cutting Edge Solutions For Leading Brands Since 1986

Workstation Specialists are proud to have been providing innovative workstation solutions built on the bleeding edge of technology for over 3 decades. See below for a brief listing of our esteemed clients.