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WS-X1100S SFF with a Professionally Overclocked Intel Core i7 6950X Benchmark Run Down

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Full Performance From a Workstation Only 250mm x 160mm x 338mm (HxWxD)

Following extensive research and development we can now post some facts and stats surrounding our new small form factor solutions.

The chassis works well even with the new Intel i7 6950X, 10 core 20 thread processor. Temperatures are well within our stringent testing limits and we can even offer a variety of frequency enhanced models for optimised performance.

A full size graphics card, such as the NVIDIA M6000 or GTX1080 fits neatly inside and provides ultimate GPU performance.

As ever, we build the small form factor workstations to order so you invest in the things that matter and don’t compromise using inferior components, or make you pay for things you don’t need.

The benchmark tests have shown massive advances made by both Intel and NVIDIA over the last year. We have combined this technology with our small form factor chassis and you can now have an impressive powerhouse on your desk. The benchmarks below were run on a WS-X1100S featuring a 10 core 20 thread Intel Core i7 6950X running at 4.2GHz, 32GB DDR4 2666MHz Memory and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080.

Cinebench R15

Within Cinebench R15 our Small Form Factor WS-X1100S with the i7 6950X has performed admirably, when compared to the same system without our in-house developed professional overclock. The Frequency Optimised variant gains a substantial 17% increase in performance. The Intel Core i7-6950X also stands up well to Enterprise class single Xeon systems. It put in a score roughly 1/3 less than a single Intel Xeon E5 2699v4, however when you consider it is less than half the price this isn’t too bad at all. It does in fact slightly outperform a single Intel Xeon E5 2687Wv4 system in this particular test, which is a substantial £400 more.


Passmark WS-X1100S i7 5960x Benchmarks

The results got even more impressive when we compared these systems on Passmark. Our extremely small and near silent WS-X1100S powered past all the big boys to become the most powerful single processor system we have ever produced and tested on this benchmark. We have seen scores higher from dual CPU based systems however, this is still one of the most powerful single CPU workstations, let alone ultra small form factor workstation in the world today.

Our reputation in the industry for stable and reliable systems is well known and we will be providing some sample systems for independent reviews over the coming months; keep your eye out for those and we will post the results on our reviews page as usual.

Our new website allows you to configure a bespoke built system so why not contact us for a quotation or advice around the most suitable solution to fit your performance requirements. It is often assumed that the more you spend on a workstation, the better the performance will be. As the results above have shown this can be true but it isn’t always the case. The software you choose will have an impact on the most suitable solution for your needs. Our trained pre-sales consultants are here to help guide you on the perfect solution for your needs.

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