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NVIDIA’s AI platform and full-stack approach make L4 the best GPU for video and inference at scale. It can handle a wide range of AI applications, such as recommendations, voice assistants, generative AI, visual search, and contact center automation. L4 is the most efficient NVIDIA accelerator for mainstream servers. It can boost AI Video performance by up to 120 times compared to CPUs. It can also improve generative AI performance by 2.7 times and graphics performance by over 4 times compared to the previous GPU generation. L4 is versatile and energy-efficient. It has a single-slot, low-profile design that fits in any server and any location, including the edge.

AI and video are growing fast, and so is the need for efficient, affordable computing. NVIDIA L4 GPUs can save up to 99% of energy and cost compared to CPU-based infrastructure. This means less rack space, less carbon footprint, and more scalability for enterprises. Switching from CPUs to NVIDIA L4s in a 2 MW data centre can power over 2,000 homes for a year or offset the carbon from 172,000 trees grown over 10 years*.

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