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First Look at Our New Ultra Small Form Factor Professional Workstation Range

Small Form Factor Launch Header

If you are looking to buy a capable but small workstation, then our new small form factor could be the right choice for you? This refined chassis offers the best CPU & GPU performance currently available in a compact design chassis.

We have not compromised on quality with this superb aluminium chassis that is still capable of holding a powerful and full sized graphics card. Being perfect for applications like, Solidworks, Inventor, Mari, Zbrush and most single threaded CAD applications, why buy a full size workstation case, when you can achieve the same results from our new small footprint workstation.

Our new Small Form Factor product range offers both Entry Level and Frequency Enhanced Intel i5 / i7 processors; choose this Innovative workstation without affecting your software application’s performance.

Here at Workstation Specialists our objectives were clear when we embarked on the challenge of creating a Small Form Factor system. We determined that we must be smaller and more powerful than our competitors, whilst remaining extremely quiet, stable and reliable. We are proud to announce we have done just that. Our Small Form Factor range offers the same levels of performance as their larger counterparts whilst offering the same 3 years warranty as all our others systems.

At just 250 x 160 x 338mm (H x W x D) the SFF range will fit into convenient, smaller spaces. Or why not display it proudly on a desk, in full view with its eye pleasing and impressive aesthetics. Whether its air or water cooled, this powerful but quiet workstation will help you to deliver your projects on time.

We are pleased to be able to offer several of our Entry Level and Frequency Enhanced models in this ultra-small chassis, which are all more geared toward single threaded applications, relying on faster processor clock speeds, over multiple CPU cores. Also having the capability to incorporate 32GB RAM, over 8TB of storage space and a dual width, full length graphics card, this perfectly balanced chassis offers high performance capability in a functional, compact and well balanced case.

As always, we will configure hardware specifically to your needs, just fill out our configurator online, hit get quote and tell us which software applications you are using. Our pre sales team will be able to provide with a tailored quotations offering you the exact solution for your needs. With numerous awards, reviews and testimonials, you can be assured of complete quality when buying from Workstation Specialists.

We can confidently say this stunning chassis is the smallest, most graphics capable workstation in the world being right at the bleeding edge of PC technology. We will be asking independent reviewers to confirm it is capable of delivering at the extreme end of small form factor workstation market. So watch this space!

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