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Boost Up Performance With NVIDIA Tesla

NVIDIA Tesla Platform

Here at Workstation Specialists we have been manufacturing GPU accelerated clusters for many years, enabling professional users to streamline their workflows to deliver results faster. Our highly skilled pre-sales team offer a consultancy service, ensuring you get the most out of your hardware investment for your software requirements.

As an NVIDIA Preferred Partner we strive to provide solutions to overcome common difficulties researchers face such as, accelerating scientific discovery, visualizing big data for insights, and providing smart services. Solving these challenges takes increasingly complex and precise simulations, the processing of tremendous amounts of data, or training sophisticated deep learning networks. These workloads also require accelerating data centres to meet the growing demand for exponential computing.

NVIDIA Tesla GPU combined with CUDA optimised software can deliver results in record time far superior to CPU only based clusters.

NVIDIA Tesla K80 Top Angle

Tesla K80 GPU Accelerator

The NVIDIA Tesla K80 has the capabilities to dramatically accelerate data centre performance whilst lowering data centre costs and overheads by delivering exceptional performance with fewer, high performing nodes. Design and manufactured to boost real-world throughput of applications by 5-10x, when compared to a CPU-only based systems. Enabling faster computation and therefore more scientific discoveries or better user engagement for web services.


Tesla M4 GPU Accelerator

The NVIDIA Tesla M4 is a unique accelerator purposefully designed for hyperscale servers. This low powered Tesla card enables professionals to cope with consistently growing amounts of data. It's engineered to accelerate application throughput in a small, low-powered design, slashing data centre costs by half and deliver up to 7x more power-efficient processing than CPUs for deep learning at 20 images/sec/watt, inference, machine learning prediction, and video workloads.

Tesla M40 GPU Accelerator

The NVIDIA Tesla M40 is the perfect compute card for demanding algorithms. A market leader supporting the rise of deep learning, the GPU accelerator means that models no longer have to take days or weeks to train. Scientists no longer have to compromise between accuracy and time to deployment. The NVIDIA Tesla M40 GPU accelerator is purpose-built to dramatically reduce training time and boast the title of being currently the world's fastest accelerator for deep learning training.



This chassis provides an ideal environment to start building your high performance GPU farm. Whether sharing resources or allocating them on demand you can be sure of phenomenal performance with up to 8x cards running for optimised performance.

We anticipate growth in the use of GPU capable systems throughout the world due to its significant performance benefits over Central Processing Units. Whether you are using MATLAB for intense mathematical calculations or Otoy Octane for large-scale real time rendering, we have some of the best and most capable solutions in the market place.

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