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ZBrush Laptop Workstation

Specially developed to enhance the productivity and creativity of today’s leading 3DVFX studio’s our bespoke WSM range of ZBrush Laptop Workstations can seriously improve the digital painting and sculpting experience of Pixologic’s ZBrush software. Dramatically improving the speed at which you can work, at every stage of the project pipeline.

Unlock ZBrush’s extensive toolset and allow yourself to visualise creations quicker and easier than ever before.

By harnessing the worlds most powerful mobile computing technologies, our WSM ZBrush laptops are the must have addition to any creative studio.

Available custom built to order, and designed using the latest 64Bit multi-core processor and graphics technologies (NVIDIA Quadro) our specialist ZBrush Mobile Graphics Work-stations are capable of slicing through the most complex of digital work-flows with breathtaking speed & efficiency.

  • Maximize your software investment!
  • Get designs right first time, every time
  • Reduce your time to market (TTM)
  • Beat the competition!

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