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Xeon Rendering

The Intel Xeon CPU has been specially designed for high performance computing tasks. This can include rendering, render 3D and renderfarm tasks. Thanks to its native 64Bit single and double precision floating point capabilities and fast GHz clock speed, coupled with quad, six & eight core designs it performs very well for rendering tasks.

Complex 3D projects from software applications like Autodesk 3dsmax, maya, Maxon’s Cinema4D, Newtek’s Lightwave, and Luxon’s Keyshot can be rendered at very high resolutions in the quickest possible time.

All our high sped rendering computers, render nodes, render servers and workstations are built on the Intel Xeon processor architecture. Available in quad, six, eight, twelve, or sixteen core configurations and backed by up to 192GB of high speed memory.

Render with ease, and visualise even the most complex of 3D scenes in record time. Stop being unproductive, and transform your 3D workflow today with a powerful 3D rendering computer form the industries specialists.

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