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Vue Rendering

E-on Software’s Vue environmental landscape modelling and rendering software can create some seriously impressive CG environments. To produce these impressive images, and to render them in an equally impressive time frame a fast, powerful Vue rendering system is essential and one of the key investments for any 3D studio organisation.

Fast vue rendering does not happen easily, and slow standard computer systems can simply not provide the levels of computing power required to visualise quickly vue rendered images (or project files). Render quickly and efficiently with high end Vue rendering systems from Workstation Specialists and produce even higher quality vue projects in less time.

Render with ease, and visualise creative high res 3D scenes in record time increase your productivity by transforming your 3D workflow today with a powerful WS 3D rendering computer form the industries specialists.

Powered by Intel Xeon 2600 series 64Bit microprocessors (CPUs) and available with 1-4x Pro3D Graphics Cards for a never before seen immersive application experience. NVIDIA GPUs (for powerful GPU rendering tasks) also provide fast, high speed rendering performance, and offer up to DOUBLE the performance when compared to standard computing products.

  • High Performance Multi-Processor Workstations (48x Threads)
  • Available with 1-4x NVIDIA GPUs (6GB Memory Per GPU)
  • Low Noise, Adaptive Air Cooling
  • Powerful, yet Power Efficient
  • Rock Solid Stability as Standard

Time is money, so why waste your time/money on slow Vue rendering, when a powerful new WS workstation could pay for itself in less than 3 months.

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