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Vue Laptop

Create the finest quality Vue environments and landscape scenes on the move, with a certified NVIDIA Quadro laptop from Workstation Specialists. Designed to enhance the creative workflow of today’s talented 3D digital artists, the WS-M has been specially developed to improve the performance of the Vue software suite and removes projects bottlenecks that ultimately end up costing you money.

The WS-M series offers the highest levels of technology specifications, and is brimming with leading edge technology to transform the productivity of even the toughest creative challenges.

Whether it is basic 3D visuals or the most complex of 3D workflows, the WS-M offers the very highest levels of user efficiency and can transform studio environments into mobile solution experts. Work from any location, anytime and without the bottlenecks you’d expect from a small laptop. True desktop like performance is obtained as standard with beautiful high definition LED backlit displays (15.6” or 17.3”).

Powered by Intel Core i7 64Bit Processors, NVIDIA Quadro Laptop professional 3D Graphics and lightening fast hard disk sub-systems to transform the way you use Vue..

  • Maximum Performance with Intel Core i7 CPUs @ up to 3.5GHz
  • Up to 16GB of Lightening Quick DDR3 Memory
  • NVIDIA Quadro Fermi Professional 3D Graphics
  • Lightening Fast Hard Disk Throughput from up to 2x HDD’s
  • Solid State Hard Disk Technology
  • Dedicated Media 7 Scratch Disk Options
  • 15.6” & 17.3” HD LED Display Options Available….

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