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Ultimate Performance with Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp Pro is the ultimate software for use in the creation, sharing and presentation of 2D & 3D models. SketchUp Pro provides endless functionality for those who want to export their work into CAD, Rendering and Leading Professional Software Applications.

  • Build Models Quickly & Easily
  • Share Models with Other Programs in your Work flow
  • Create Professional Presentation Documents
  • Export, Design & Build Quickly
  • Render Scenes & Still Images
  • and much more….

We offer an excellent range of high speed Sketchup workstations designed to speed up both Sketchup modelling and Google Sketchup Rendering. Fast Rendering is Google Sketchup is easily achieved with breaking the bank. As the UK’s premier high performance Google Sketchup computer manufacturer we are focused at continuously producing computer hardware solutions at the cutting edge of technology; Offering powerful Sketchup certified workstations that offer great return on investment and much shorter project lifecycles.

With dedicated computer workstations designed for Google SketchUp you can be awarded with maximum design productivity, without breaking the bank.

  • High Speed 64Bit Intel Processors
  • Industry Certified Workstation Graphics
  • High Speed DDR3 Memory (RAM)
  • Up to 39TB of Local Hard Disk Storage
  • Desktop & Laptop Workstations Available
    Microsoft Windows 7 64Bit Ready
  • 100% UK Manufactured & Supported

We know what is required to power sophisticated professional CAD / CAM software so can recommend the best specification & performance for your projects.



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