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Splutterfish Brazil Rendering Workstations

If you render with Brazil and are familiar with the rendering power available from Splutterfish’s award winning renderer then you are no doubt aware of the workstation power it needs to output renders at speed.

All our Brazil rendering systems are designed to speed up slow renders, without sacrificing on rendering quality. Our WS workstations and rack mounted rendering systems are all engineered to maximize creativity with the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Ultimate hardware rendering technologies for the fastest Brazil rendering performance.

So weather its in depth Global Illuminations (GI’s), complex Motion Blur or Ray Trace Rendering you are after, our range of Brazil Rendering products has been specially developed from the ground up in order to not just meet, but exceed the rigorous performance requirements of today’s leading CG professionals (3d artists, visual effects, film rendering, architects, designers and CG artists)

From local workstation rendering to dedicated distributed network rendering, our Brazil Workstations excel in the toughest of studio enhancements.

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