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Solid Edge CAD Laptops

Siemens SolidEdge user of the CAD/CAM software will really get excited over the new advanced features of the latest release; however without the correct hardware to run they may find that these features are rendered useless due to the lack of compatibility and performance required to operate it. Why not try taking this boost in productivity to the next level to enable your design team to experience more performance whilst being mobile?

Gain the full capabilities of Siemens SolidEdge CAD/CAM whilst on the move with a Workstation Specialists WS-M Mobile Workstation Laptop. Our Laptops offer the very best in high performance CAD development performance, providing designers and engineers the most advanced mobile feature set available today.

” Our WSM Solid Edge Laptop is the ULTIMATE Investment!”

For many years we have strived to be at the very forefront of professional Computer Workstation Design and Manufacturer. Our product range had and extensive offering of dedicated desktop and laptop solutions specifically engineered to increase the performance levels of Siemens SolidEdge. Enable your engineers to work on more expansive and complex 3D models & assemblies. Mobile and Desktop Workstation form WS will deliver more efficient workflow whilst reducing project times leading to a reduction of total cost of ownership.

“Designing in Solid Edge is Faster & More Productive with our WSM CAD Laptop.”

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