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Siemens NX Workstation

Next generation our workstations allow users of Siemens NX software to power power innovation through digital product development and superior product reliability. Developed with the world’s leading multi-core processor and professional graphics sub-systems (ATI FirePro & NVIDIA Quadro) our CAD/CAM/CAE workstations allow the industry’s broadest suite of integrated CAD, CAE and CAM applications to perform like never before, further reducing design overheads and project time to market.

“Siemens NX software and our workstations address the full range of design, engineering & manufacturing activities to truly transform any product development process”



  • 64bit Multi-Core Intel® Processor Technologies
  • Up to 192GB of System Memory (RAM)
  • Industry Certified Workstation Graphics (Up to 6GB)
  • Up to 18TB of Local Hard Disk Storage
  • 7,200/10,000/15,000 rpm Hard Disk Options
  • BluRay & HD-DVD Optical Drive Options
  • Microsoft Windows 7 64Bit Ready
  • 100% UK Manufactured & Supported


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