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Rendering Server Specialists

What are Render Servers

We specialize in the design and manufacturer of high performance, powerful Desktop & Rack mounted Render Servers and Render Boxes (or Render Nodes as they are more commonly known).

Render Servers are remotely configured/managed CPU (and now GPU) rendering devices that are designed to make your creative projects easier. By removing the main rendering task (preview or final frame) from the design studio and onto dedicated Render Servers (also known as a render farm) they allow you to free up time to continue working (rather than sit around waiting for the render to complete). rendering can be done anytime, day or night with a renderfarm manager distributing the render jobs (maximizing speed, render farm efficiency and project deadlines).

From high res stills to complex animations or 2 to 200 render servers for maximum render power; our award winning product portfolio can easily deliver a powerful, proven and reliable rendering investment that will make your creative life easier for years to come.

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