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Render Nodes

We design and build Powerful, High Speed Desktop/Rack mounted Render Nodes, Render Boxes/Servers and Render 3D Workstations that not only meet, but surpass the tough performance requirements demanded by today’s leading creative design studio’s.

Developed using the latest high performance Twelve Core processor technologies and tailor made to any specification or budget; our award winning range of dedicated rendering systems can be easily integrated into any creative environment and are guaranteed to reduce lengthy render times that are typically associated with slow and outdated computer hardware.

Why use Render Nodes?

Render Nodes will help reduce project render times, improve creative workflow and increase design throughput by off loading the time intensive render and rendering tasks away from the local Workstation, and onto a dedicated Render Farm (or selection of Render Nodes).

Whether you need 2 or 200 render nodes for dedicated 3D rendering, High Resolution Still Imagery, or Complex Animation Sequences; our powerful Render Nodes deliver a proven, reliable and robust rendering solution that can be the backbone of your creative pipeline.

How do Render Nodes Work?

Each Render Node is connected to your corporate network using an integrated Gigabit network interface card(s) (LAN connection). Once the render node is configured on your network, third-party rendering management software (such as Autodesk’s Back-burner for 3D Studio Max) can be installed to manage the individual render nodes. This process is called distributed or network rendering and is very simple to configure and manage.

The third-party render managing software allocates the frames to be rendered to the render node and continually disperse the frames until all frames are rendered. Once completed the render node(s) sits idle until additional frames are sent to be rendered.

If your chosen application does not support “Network” or “Distributed” rendering then versions of your application can be installed on each render node so projects can then be rendered locally.

From large scale 3D VFX productions to small freelance studio’s; our render nodes and high speed 3D render workstation solutions offer the choice of Performance, Price or Power Efficiency (or any combination of the three) providing the flexibility and the scalability to meet your project render requirements, client portfolio’s or financial budgets.

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