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Render Fast, High Speed Maya Rendering

For the ultimate, high speed Maya rendering platform look no further than our dedicated range of desktop and rackmounted render nodes, rendering servers, rendering blades and render 3D workstations.

We are extremely proud to produce the world’s fastest, most advanced Maya rendering systems (performance, power & precision) that have been engineered to dramatically reduce project render times; helping reduce creative overheads (in terms of time, electricity/power consumption and client frustration) allowing you to complete projects quicker than ever before.

From Global Illuminations, Caustics, Ray Casting, Radiosity, Ray Tracing to simple Scan-line Rendering, for high resolution still imagery or detailed animation sequences; our dedicated Maya rendering systems (workstations, render nodes or servers) are a must have for any studio or production pipeline.

“Don’t Let Slow Renders Harm your Business”

At Workstation Specialists we custom build to order a vast range of specifications from Dual to Multi-Core CPU Configurations, 6GB to 192GB RAM as well as vast amounts of Data Storage.

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