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Render Aware – Scalability

Opting for a scalable render farm is a great way to make future business growth/expansion easy. How nice would it be to re-order more nodes and simply have them up and working within 10mins of the delivery driver pulling away?

Who knows what the future might hold? But opting for a non-scalable solution that might be cheap today will definitely end up costing you more money further down the line. What about obsolete designs, obsolete technology, new technology. How do I find a solution that fits all……

Think of a render farm infrastructure as the foundations to a house. The more time you spend planning, and the deeper you set the foundations, the easier it is for you to add floors and expand in the future. Yes these deeper foundations may cost you slightly more on day one, but will pay dividends later on as you extend.

This is exactly how you should plan a render farm, and looking forward about how your business could grow is very important.

Once you have a render farm in place, if it is not easily scalable then you have to stop and start again, and once your 3D artists have got used to working on a render farm it will be very costly (in time wasting alone) for you to migrate from one solution to another.

Here at Workstation Specialists all our fast, high speed render systems are 100% scalable. From our desktop/desk side RS-D series through to our rack based RS-R series both powerful render servers can be scaled in a combination of ways. You can stack and scale the desktop solutions in a very small and low cost environment, or move the rack based RS series and scale a very rack dense solution in little or no time at all. You can even mix/match the Deskside and rack based solutions and move from a desk based farm, to a rack based farm without any worry about heat, noise or reliability.

To learn more about render farms, and the best ay to invest in this style of technology please feel free to speak with our knowledgeable pre-sales team whom can happily answer any questions that you may have.

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