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Render Aware – Reliability

The reliability of your renderfarm is paramount and will degrade your productivity significantly if you have issues further down the line. Once you are used to harnessing the power of a render farm, you will quickly alter your workflow and will struggle to work without it if it was to ever fail.

Reliability will need to cover hardware (the physical nodes themselves), software (the operating system and creative software/plug-ins that you use) and the network (the interconnect between you, the nodes and the entire farm).

On larger sized farms having a render node fail for what ever reason isn’t catastrophic; however on smaller farms this can be the difference between meeting or missing an important deadline.

Here at workstation specialists we have engineered our rendering products using enterprise grade workstation/server hardware. We do not use any consumer specification components and therefore offer extremely reliable solutions as standard. All render nodes do not share any power of system resources and the RS rack series is completely swappable, allowing you to replace or swap out with a new node very quickly.

If you were unlucky to experience hardware related faults we can resolve in over 98% of occasions with a fix within 24hrs (anywhere in the world). Add in our unique ‘one image fits all’ for operating systems and unique cold swap options for power, data and storage and you have one of the most reliable and user serviceable rendering systems available anywhere.

Why not call our sales team today, and find out how our RS rendering systems can help you achieve more.

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