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Render Aware – Price

Prices for rendering systems can vary from a few hundred to a few tens of thousands of pounds. Restricting your budget initially can cost you more in the long run, and we recommend you look into the future before purchasing any kind of speed increasing render solution today.

The price really does depend on the specification of render server (node) that you choose, and this is often specified to suit the types of project/workflow it will be used with. Large, very complex fluid or real flow calculations will require a smaller number of very powerful nodes, where as animation and still images can benefit from a larger number of slightly slower nodes.

Typically a dual processor 64bit rendering nodes/servers can start from £1,500 > £2000 each, with prices increasing with better performance and more memory. For detailed information on pricing, or to obtain an official quotation then please feel free to speak with our knowledgeable pre-sales team who can happily assist.

However the best and most tax efficient way of investing in a render farm is through finance/leasing. As the Workstation and/or Rendering needs within a creative business environment are constantly changing, and future demands are very hard to predict. This can put increasing constraints on budgets and can mean financial resources need to be stretched even further. As a result, businesses have to find new ways to get the most out of their budgets. A leasing programme from Workstation Specialists can help and provides a tax efficient, flexible approach to financing your entire render farm infrastructure.

This enables you to maintain, upgrade and build on your existing resources. Your agreement is totally flexible and can be tailored to suit your specific budget profile. At any time during your finance agreement, you can expand and take on more equipment without actually increasing your repayments.

Latest Workstation and Rendering Technology at No Additional Cost to Your Business

A lease with Workstation allows you to accurately budget your expenditure on Information Technology. Since the payment remains constant throughout; and the fact that the equipment can be upgraded at any point your business can always be equipped with the very latest technology, with little or no increase in your monthly payments.

Start your own render farm today from as little as £1.65 per day (based on a 36month lease)

For further information on render farm leasing, or for detailed pricing on the most suitable system for you, please feel free to speak with our rendering specialists.

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