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Render Aware – Power Consumption

Power consumption is a key running cost that end users need to be aware of. A render farm is made up of a number of individual render nodes. These render nodes (or render servers, render blades as they are also known) are powered by the very latest high performance computing technologies. This computing technology comes at a price and the power consumption of these nodes is typically higher than your average desktop business PC (you get what you pay for though). The reason for this is that they are faster, have more processing cores, support more memory (RAM) and typically features DOUBLE the number of computing sockets.

This makes them more power efficient than desktop PCs, but individually they consumer more power. Power consumption can vary from node to node, and from specification to specification but can be anything from 200W to 500W per node.

At Workstation Specialists we aim to be as green as possible and have developed a standard and special low power edition of both our desk-side and rack mount render nodes. These special low power models can consumer less than 150W on FULL load; whilst still proving 12x rendering cores and 24x threads to your chosen task.

Standard RS node configurations draw as little as 210W on FULL load, and even the highest performing ‘all the bells and whistles’ configurations draw only 350W making them one of the most power efficient rendering systems in their class.

For even more power efficiency we offer full support for GPU rendering that can off load rendering tasks onto a Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) for even greater efficiency

For help, advice or further information on the most power efficient rendering solution, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales team.

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