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Render Aware – Manageability

Managing a render farm might sound like a full time IT engineers’ job but it doesn’t have to be. Render farms like any computer network need to be maintained. This can include security, operating system updates or application hot fixes etc.

The more render nodes you have the more maintenance you will have to do. This isn’t a daily chore, but when new software service packs, or plug-ins are released it means you’ll have to factor in the time to update these on all your design/modelling plus rendering systems. Worth considering if you have a large farm, as time will need to be allocated within your projects schedules to apply any updates of newer software releases.

Again, opting for a large number of small/cheap computers starts to become a false economy as you simply spend more and more time trying to keep them up to take. If you don’t have any remote management tools this can become time costly to your business.

Every RS series rendering system from Workstation Specialists comes with a very simple and easy to user management interface. This can be configured for connection from ANY worldwide location (using the internet, local or wide area network) and allows small and large companies alike to benefit from super fast rendering (without any high maintenance overheads/costs). Entire render farms can be updated at once, and new system images deployed very quickly. Any size of company, with little or no IT knowledge can manage their own full time render farm.

Rendering on multiple software applications (Autodesk 3dsmax, Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D etc) on the same system can also provide a new set of configuration and maintenance challenges……

For help, advice or further information on the best way to manage a working render farm/node please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales team.

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