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Render Aware – Efficiency

Render node efficiency is more than just how power efficient it is. Efficiency can also scale into the workflow aspect and a render farm that is easy and efficient to use starts to become an asset to the business rather than a pain to use. Remember not all rendering projects work well on an entire render farm (example, smaller images could in fact be rendered quicker on just 3-4 nodes, instead of 10x due to the time it would take to initially start the rendering process).

Efficiency in other areas of the business can also be key, as Artists are no longer sat their waiting for a project to render on their local computer/workstation so they too become more productive and efficient to the business.

The efficiency of a renderfarm is usually split into the following two categories: –

Power Efficiency
Easily calculated as the Power Consumption over a users Productivity Gain. Very few creative and engineering professional would not benefit from some sort of render node/farm. This is especially true if they do medium to large amounts of 3D visual or animation work.

Why not test-drive one of our bespoke rendering systems today? Call our knowledgeable sales team and we can happily discuss any rendering requirements with you.

User/Farm Efficiency
This is slightly harder to calculate but can be easy to understand. Basically a render farm consists of TWO pieces

1. Hardware – Render Node(s)
2. Software – 3D software, rendering plug-ins & render farm management

Having a complicated setup of both is both uninviting to the end user and inefficient for any company in question, where as a render farm that is easy to setup, easy to maintain and very user friendly is a much more efficient investment and something that can transform the productivity of every creative user.

We have developed a specialist set of hardware rendering systems to cover both desktop (desk side) and rack based environments, and work with industry leading software partners to provide best of breed turn key solutions that can easily fit directly into any business environment. Whether this be 3D Animation, Digital Content Creation, Games Development, Architectural Visualisation or Films/VFX.

For further information about render farm efficiency please feel free to speak with our systems specialists.

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