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Render Aware – Are You Render Aware?

Render aware is an informative section of our website that has been produced to provide educational content about computer rendering. Covering all areas of 3D rendering from visual effects (vfx), architectural visualisation, CAD rendering and more the Render Aware portal offers jargon free advice about what is rendering, what you’ll need to render faster, how to speed up your rendering plus additional information about rendering systems and the additional costs associated with them (whether this be time, resources of money).

Render Aware covers all aspects of CPU Rendering, GPU Rendering, GPGPU Renders from ALL the leading software render plug-ins (Autodesk 3dsmax, 3dsmax design, Maya, Softimage, Showcase, AutoCAD Revit, Inventor Studio, Flame, smoke, Navisworks, Alias, Maxon Cinema 4D, Newtek Lightwave, Bunkspeed Hypershot, Shot, Keyshot, Adobe After Effects, Chaos Group Vray, Renderman, Splutterfish Brazil, Final Render, Mental Ray, Maxwell Render, Rhino, Shader Light and many, many more.

 3D rendering is traditionally a heavy CPU (processor) intensive task. It can consume 100% of your computer processor resources and can render (pardon the pun here) any computer practically unusable whilst this 3D rendering task is taking place. To counter act this having a faster GHz CPU (processor) and more CPU cores (Dual-Core, quad-Core, six-Core, Eight Core, Twelve Core and more…) will make your rendering faster, thus speeding up your renders.

But no matter how much you spend on a single computer £1000 or £10,000 once you click ‘render’ the entire computer will simply become unusable until the rendering task has completed (the more expensive system would simply finished quicker that’s all).

 The best way to speed up your rendering is to use a render farm. Render Farms do not have to be big, noisy or expensive and can simply consist of just two or more render nodes (costing less than £2.50 a day). A render node is a stand alone dedicated rendering computer system. These are typically rack mountable (like our RS-R series rendering system) but can also be desk mountable (like our RS-D series quiet render node device).

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