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Render 3D 64Bit High Speed Rendering

Our Render 3D Workstation series are high performance digital content 3D workstations that combine professional workstation graphics (ATI FirePro & NVIDIA Quadro Kepler) and the latest in cutting edge multi-core processor (CPU) technology. Developed as all-in-one modelling & rendering systems these 3D rendering workstations give graphics and digital content specialists the ability to work on large, complex projects without the slow rendering limitations normally associated with inferior hardware solutions.

Developed as an all-in-one 64bit workstation solution for both modelling and rendering our Render 3D workstations combine the worlds fastest and most powerful 64Bit quad core processors with industry certified workstation class graphics (ATI™ FirePro™ & NVIDIA Quadro® up to 6GB) to provide users of leading visualization & 3D rendering applications (Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, 3dsmax, Maya, Cinema4D, Lightwave 3D, Rhino 3D, SoftImage XSI, Brazil, Maxwell Render, V-Ray and more…) with the ability to dramatically streamline the design, creative and rendering process of any studio environment.

Utilize complex animation features, combine multiple 3D challenges & visual projects quicker than ever before!

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