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Quick, High Speed 3D Renders

Do you even wish you could massively reduce your render times to be more efficient on your projects? With a Workstation Specialists 3D render system you could have all the power, performance and reliability you could dream for form a 3D render system. Built from the ground up for optimum performance our systems could reduce even the most complex of 3D project render times.

Our range of dedicated render systems are multi award winning and come in unique bespoke Deskside and Rack-mountable form factors. Developed to use on the latest and greatest technology available today to ensure you get the very best performance for your money possible. Our systems take advantage of the very latest Intel Xeon processor technologies guaranteeing to reduce your overall render times. This is all with the goal of helping you deliver designs quicker and most importantly enabling you to bring your 3D projects to market quicker than ever before.

No matter which professional software application you use 3D Studio Max, Maya, Rhino etc…  or Render engine be it VRay, IRay, Maxwel Render etc… You can be assured a solution form WS will be fully compatible and able to make the most from your software of choice.

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