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PTC – Creo® Parametric 3D CAD Workstations

Whether you demand a workstation for complex Creo® Parametric 3D modeling, or a simple computer to run basic Creo assembly files (or maybe even older Pro Engineer Wildfire data sets) our range of powerful 3D CAD workstations deliver!

Engineered from it its very foundations to empower Creo® users with the performance required to work without boundaries or bottlenecks. Experience the increase in productivity and enable to possibilities of a more efficient production pipeline, with a high powered mobile workstation from Workstation specialists. Professional Creo® could have the power at their fingertips to turn more ideas into reality, and realise even the most complex of projects in much shorter timeframes.

Developed to give a greater, and more competitive advantage for designers working with Creo®, WS workstations can utilize the AMD FirePro™ graphics cards and give users access to features and performance advantages that open the door to breakthrough innovations. These features include GPU-accelerated transparency mode (OIT – Order Independent Transparency), and VBO – Vertex Buffer Objects. 

To help ensure optimized performance and compatibility, AMD FirePro™ professional graphics solutions are certified by PTC for workstation-class reliability across the suite of PTC applications. When combined with WS workstations AMD FirePro™ professional graphics deliver advanced performance, reliability and value: providing an unbeaten user experience for PTC® Creo® designers.

Enable your professional CAD Design team to express themselves with hardware boundaries by removing system bottlenecks so that they can work faster than ever before. With Workstation Specialists solutions tailored for Creo® you get the benefit of one of the most powerful CAD /CAM systems available, ensuring you have the power required to get a fantastic Return On Investment(ROI).

PTC Creo Authorised Partners

Working directly with leading PTC software reseller Concurrent Systems Inc Ltd ( WS provide bespoke computer workstation systems that allow end users to drive productivity like never before.

>> The Fastest PTC Creo Experience
>> Cutting Edge Computing Architecture
>> AMD FirePro Pro Workstation Graphics
>> Ability to Drive up to 6+ Screens
>> True ‘Turn-Key’ PTC Experience
>> Pre-Tuned, Optimised & Ready to Run
“Creating innovative products requires the correct workstation investment. CSI work closely with WS to provide Creo® users with the reliability, performance and workflow innovations they need. WS workstations are a great choice for Creo users who value a superb workstation-class design, without breaking the bank.”
Joe McBurnie, Managing Director, CSI Ltd

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