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WS IC Intel® Core™ Workstations


Intel’s newest Core processors offer the highest clock speeds of any CPU on the market, making them ideal for professional workstations. With plenty of cores and threads, they deliver well-rounded performance and exceptional value for money.

What sets Intel® Core™ Workstations apart?

Intel® Core™ Series processors offer the fastest single-threaded performance possible, with clock speeds up to 6GHz.

Furthermore, Intel’s efficiency and performance cores with Hyper-Threading technology deliver fantastic multi-threaded performance for parallel computing tasks.

Intel® Core™ vs Intel® Xeon®: Which is Right for You?

A common misconception is that Intel® Xeon® processors are required for workstations because of their increased reliability. However, the failure rate of Xeon and Core processors is very low and comparable.

Xeon processors also cost more because they support additional features such as ECC memory and more cores and threads. However, these features often add overhead and reduce performance for many professional workflows, such as 3D CAD design, architectural design, video and photo editing, and game development.

If your workflow falls into one of these categories, an Intel® Core™ CPU is a high-performance and cost-effective choice suitable for you.

NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Options Available

Workstation Specialists offers a wide range of graphics options for its Intel® Core™ systems to suit the needs of any professional.

For 3D CAD design and architectural workflows, choose professional NVIDIA RTX or AMD Radeon Pro WX graphics cards. For video and photo editing or game development workflows, NVIDIA GeForce RTX options are a great choice.

No matter your requirements or budget, there’s a graphics option for you.

Blazing-Fast Storage with NVMe M.2 SSDs

Upgrade to the latest NVMe M.2 solid-state drive (SSD) technology for a dramatic boost in system performance and responsiveness. NVMe SSDs are many times faster than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), which means you’ll experience noticeable reductions in operating system and application load times, as well as an overall improvement in your workstation’s user experience.

We recommend using an NVMe M.2 SSD as your primary drive for the operating system, applications, and active project files. Then, use a secondary HDD for long-term storage. HDDs are much cheaper per gigabyte, so this configuration gives you the best of both worlds: maximum performance and value for money.

Intel® Core™ Workstations Are Ideal For

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