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Multi-GPU Servers

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Many workflows that have traditionally been performed via a CPU have been accelerated by switching to towards more tailored GPU technology in recent years.

Photorealistic rendering, scientific simulation & analysis, big data, deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence computation times can be reduced dramatically by the use of GPU based rackmount server solutions.

Due to their thousands of cores and highly parallel compute nature GPU servers are ideal for rapid computing of large datasets and are a cost-effective alternative to CPU based processing workflows.

Wide Selection of GPU Options Available

Workstation Specialists GPU compute servers can be configured with multiple high-performance GPU’s such as the Professional NVIDIA RTX range, NVIDIA Tesla and NVIDIA GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon Pro and Radeon Instinct ranges, ensuring you have an option to fit your needs.

Our highly adaptable rackmount server solutions can be configured perfectly to meet your specific requirements, be that budget orientated or the need for a specific technology such as NVIDIA CUDA or OpenCL.

Fully Scalable & Easy To Manage GPU Compute Servers

All our rackmount multi GPU servers are fully scalable, allowing them to work in conjunction with other additional compute servers should your software support this functionality.

System administrators will also find it very easy to manage and maintain the multi-GPU server range of products thanks to their on-board IPMI Web interface controls.

This web interface feature allows you to interact with, boot, restart, shutdown as well as monitor key sensors such as temperatures & fan speeds remotely from the comfort of your desk.

Reduce Costly Downtime

These systems are not only high performing and cost-effective, we understand that reliability and maximising up time is essential for business operations.

As a result we adhere to stringent R&D, testing, and Quality Assurance procedures to ensure that only the most reliable and stable systems are provided to our customers.

Furthermore, all our multi-GPU servers are backed up by our comprehensive 3 years full parts and labour warranty package as standard, ensuring minimal impact to your business should an issue occur.

Multi GPU Rackmount Servers Are Ideal For…

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