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Powerful Abaqus Workstations with NVIDIA® Maximus™

Maximize the performance of your most demanding Abaqus simulations, quicker and easier than ever before.

Today, product simulation is often being performed by engineering groups using remote, rack based simulation clusters. These distributed compute systems are required to provide the high levels of performance demanded to achieve realistic simulation results; however they are often shared resources that have high software/hardware running costs (licence tokens etc) and are not available real-time to deliver the immediate performance gains engineering users crave.

Time to re-think how you simulate………..

How much more could you accomplish if simulation times could be reduced from one day to just a few hours? As an engineer, you depend on SIMULIA’s Abaqus to design high-quality products efficiently. To get the most out of SIMULIA’s Abaqus 6.11+, simply replace your workstation with a new WS1850 or WS2880 and utilise NVIDIA Quadro or Tesla GPUs to instantly unlock the highest levels of Abaqus simulation performance (with only using a single licence token for your GPU resource).

Thanks to the power of NVIDIA GPUs the latest WS GPU workstations allow you to capitalise on: –

Twice the Design Candidates

  • Higher Product Quality
  • Improved Simulation Performance (typically 3.5x)
  • More Productive Engineering
  • Accelerated Time to Market (TTM)
  • Running Simulations with Higher-Fidelity Models (while maintaining practical solution times)

Relative Performance Scale vs Two CPU Cores

Powered by Intel® Xeon™ E5 16/26xx Processors the WS1850 and WS2880 combine class leading CPU + GPU capabilities to provide engineering users with the fastest and most powerful Abaqus solutions available. Available with anything between 1-3x NVIDIA GPUs these ultimate high performance compute solutions are perfectly suited to demanding simulation workflow’s and are available pre-configured with both NVIDIA Quadro + Tesla GPUs, up to 256GB of memory and a host of other true enterprise grade workstation features (1Gb or 10GB Ethernet, Fibre Attached Storage, Rackmount or Desktop Design) and much more….

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