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Revolutionary NVIDIA® Tesla™ high performance computing (HPC) solutions arm scientists, engineers and other technical professionals with the power to solve previously unsolvable problems. A dedicated, high performance GPU computing solution, Tesla brings super computing power to any workstation or server and to standard, CPU-based server clusters. 

Key elements include:

  • Industry’s first massively multi-threaded architecture with up to 448 GPU processor computing core World’s only C-language development environment for the GPU A suite of developer tools (C-compiler, debugger, performance profiler, optimized libraries) Largest ISV development community for GPU Computing applications
  • Seamlessly able to fit into existing HPC environments

Tesla C2075 GPU Processor
The Next Generation Tesla GPU Computing Processor is available with 6GB of ECC memory and can transforms any computer workstation into a personal supercomputer with over 8x the Double Precision Performance of the Tesla C1060 GPU

Tesla S2070/2090 GPU Server
NVIDIA’s Next Generation GPU Computing Server that provides 8x the Double Precision Performance of the S1070 GPU Server. Based on NVIDIA’s Fermi GPU Architecture to solve the most complex of computer intensive problems.

WS-GPU Workstations & Supercomputers
Multi GPU Computing Platform with over 4,000 Tesla GPU Cores (8x Tesla C2075s) and housed in a desktop or rackmount chassis for the ultimate GPU computing experience.


Image Courtesy of Evolved Machines

Power to Solve Complex Problems
Scientists and researchers benefit from the power of the massively parallel, computing architecture in Tesla solutions. This availability of super computing will unlock the answers to previously unsolvable problems in systems ranging from a workstation to server clusters. Massively Parallel Performance
A massively multi-threaded processor mines large datasets to extract information and reach answers fast. Key features available on Tesla GPU’s include the Thread Execution Manager to coordinate the concurrent execution of thousands of parallel computing threads and the Parallel Data Cache to enable those threads to share data easily.

Developer Community
NVIDIA is the catalyst for the largest GPU computing developer community. NVIDIA’s interactive, on-line GPU developer community provides access to forums, educational materials, and additional resources and tools.

C for the GPU
The world’s only C-language development environment for the GPU, the NVIDIA® CUDA™ software development kit includes a standard C compiler, hardware debugger tools, and a performance profiler for simplified application development.

Image Courtesy of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Compatible Solutions
As an industry-standard solution, Tesla easily fits into existing HPC environments. Available products include a GPU for users to upgrade their existing workstation, a desk side supercomputer to add additional performance alongside a workstation, and a 1U GPU server for deployment within an enterprise data center.

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