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NVIDIA Quadro NVS Multi-Display Workstation

The award-winning NVIDIA Quadro® NVS series is the business standard for multi-display desktop graphics. Combining industry-leading hardware and software, the NVIDIA Quadro NVS series features NVIDIA® nView® multi-display support for single-, dual-, and quad-display graphics products that deliver unprecedented performance and stability.

NVIDIA Quadro NVS solutions provide a robust system management tool for easy deployment and maintenance across mixed environments, including financial institutions, emergency call centres, digital signage systems, and other mission-critical environments.

NVIDIA Quadro NVS solutions provide:

  • Reliability: A total hardware and software solution delivers a reliable graphics platform.
  • Stability: The stable architecture provides a dependable solution.
  • Ease-of-Use: Robust IT management tools allow for easy deployment & maintenance.
  • Compatibility: Multi-display graphics solutions are compatible with the latest business applications, for maximum productivity.

Reliable Hardware and Software Platform
NVIDIA Quadro® NVS graphics solutions deliver a reliable hardware & software platform to ensure business professionals have a dependable solution. The integrated architecture provides increased reliability while the extensive product qualification ensure ultimate system performance.

Stable Architecture Provides a Dependable Solution
The NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) provides easy installation, manageability, and upgradeability with managed releases. NVIDIA UDA delivers a single driver for all NVIDIA graphics products, backed by an extended product lifecycle to minimize replacement costs.

Easy Deploy & Maintenance with Robust System Tools
NVIDIA UDA makes large-scale system deployment and unattended installations extremely easy.

Industry’s Best Business Application Support
NVIDIA rigorously tests professional applications and commonly used peripheral devices and displays to ensure that NVIDIA Quadro NVS graphics solutions perform flawlessly. Business applications in the corporate and financial markets are fully tested and qualified.

“Whether you are a Financial trader on Wall Street or a corporate professional, the NVIDIA Quadro NVS series is the only solution to meet all of your business computing needs”

Increased Productivity for End-Users
Seamlessly integrated within the familiar Microsoft® Windows® environment, NVIDIA nView multi-display technology offers a robust feature set to maximize productivity. These include:

  • Intuitive and interactive nView setup wizard
  • On-screen display setup to easily switch display configurations at the click of a button
  • Display Gridlines allow users to divide up the monitor display into multiple regions
  • Desktop management lets a user launch programs on up to 16 different displays
  • Programmable hotkeys lets a user quickly access nView functions
  • NVKeystone provides real-time display correction technology to allow business professionals to display onto any surface with lossless picture quality.

The Industry’s Best Multi-Display Desktop Solution
NVIDIA Quadro NVS desktop graphics boards deliver flexible solutions to support multiple displays with the single, dual, and quad display architecture. NVIDIA nView allows users to spread their work across multiple displays and maximize productivity.

– The industry resource for image-quality testing, named the NVIDIA Quadro NVS series as the standard of quality for dual- and quad-display graphics boards.

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