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MSC Nastran FEA Workstations

If you use Nastran Finite Element Analysis software MSC you are aware of its demanding computer hardware requirements; especially if you want fast, accurate results for your dynamic, stress or vibration simulations.

As a real-world finite element analysis (FEA) solver, MSC Nastran requires a fast, multi-core computer workstation with plenty of system memory (RAM) and as fast a GHz processor as you can afford.

Here at workstation specialist we understand the complicated computer aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) market and have developed a wide range of professional FEA workstations that perform faultlessly. Whether it be simple parts, to complex assemblies our Nastran computer workstations have been engineered to provide the fastest levels of performance, the largest amounts of RAM (memory) and the highest levels of system stability; no matter how complex your workflow.

“Whether it is space age NASA space craft designs, Aerospace simulation or Automotive structural analysis, we have the ultimate range of MSC Nastran FEA Workstations to suit”

Our high end FEA (finite element analysis) workstations have been designed to excel under the most demanding of user workflows. Offering power, performance and stability when you need it most!

  • High Performance Multi-Processor FEA Workstations
  • Support for over 512GB of Memory (Per System)
  • Scalable for Workstation/Server Clustering
  • Multi-GPU Enabled Architecture
  • Powerful, yet Power Efficient
  • Rock Solid Stability as Standard

MSC Nastran FEA computers can be configured to suit precise user requirements, whether it is project or budget related. So why waste your time on slow outdated hardware when a High End workstation from workstation specialists can offer the performance you need at a fraction of the cost of your time.

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