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Laptops with NVIDIA Quadro Kepler Graphics

Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core Laptops with NVIDIA Quadro Kepler 4Gb Pro 3D Graphics

If you need to work on the move, from home, visit clients or even demonstrate projects in real-time then our WS-M mobile/laptop workstation is for you. Having maximized on today’s innovative mobile technologies we can offer the worlds fastest, most powerful professionally certified laptop / notebook.

Drawing from over 20 years in the professional workstation industry we have harnessed the power of Intel’s latest Core i7 Quad-Core processors (CPU) to provide an awesome combination of desktop like performance (analysis, simulation and rendering…), with notebook portability. NVIDIA Quadro® graphics power is used to provide faultless application stability.

“Computational Analysis & Image Rendering can be achieved TWICE as fast as conventional laptop/notebook PCs; making the most out of your creative and engineering software investments.”

Our WS-M (Work-Station Mobility) Series harnesses the very latest Intel® 64Bit Quad-Core Processor technologies, combined with NVIDIA Quadro® Fermi graphics and support large amounts of DDR-3 Memory; providing 3D professionals with the ultimate, mobile workstation platform. A true work from anywhere laptop that offers desktop like performance (3D design/modelling, as well as Analysis & 3D Rendering) and 100% industry certified dedicated workstation graphics.


” The WS-M Series Combines Desktop Like Performance,
With the Portability of a Laptop

“100% custom built to order to exact customer requirements our WS-M Series offers the ultimate performance experience, with a superb return of investment (ROI)”

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