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Intel Xeon Quad-Core Rendering

Quad processor, Six, Eights, Ten and Twelve core Intel Xeon 64Bit processors are at the heart of our award winning render 3D workstations and rack mounted 1U render nodes, rendering servers and render blades. Providing awesome levels of CPU rendering performance and reducing project render times to a minimum. Intel Xeon Quad-Core processors can allow leading creative professionals to render even the most complex 3D scene data, in the quickest possible time.

Intel Xeon Quad-core, six, eight, ten and twelve-core rendering also provides excellent price/performance ratios (especially based on GHz/Watt). Designed with the latest 22nm CPU fabrication process, here at Workstation & Rendering system specialists we can produce render nodes that are very power efficient, saving you both time and money when rendering that crucial project.

The Intel Xeon Six-core processor consists of Six complete execution cores formed into one physical processor, providing TWELVE dedicated CPU rendering cores to the operating system for over 12x the performance increase in compared to an equivalent single core processor. Projects can now be rendered in minutes not hours, and complex animation sequences (even in full HD) can be rendered in timescale’s that you never thought possible.

  • High Resolution Renders of 3D Images
  • Complex Animation Rendering
  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Fast Rendering
  • High Speed Render Times
  • and more…..

“A quad-core Intel Xeon processor can seriously transform your creative/rendering pipeline, maximizing time to market (TTM) with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

3ds Max & Maya Rendering (Mental Ray), Brazil Rendering, Vray Renders, Maxwell Render, Cinema4D, Real Flow, Render 3D Workstations, Render Nodes and more..

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