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Intel Core i7 Rendering

Intel Core i7 processors make very good, affordable desktop rendering systems. Available with 4 or 6 CPU cores with clock speeds up to 3.46GHz (current top end model is the Intel core i7 990X Six-Core model) they provide, cheap and reliable rendering power.

Limited to just ONE CPU per system the total core count and power consumption isn’t as efficient as the higher end Intel Xeon CPUs but for freelance individuals and hobbyists they offer a good balance of price vs performance.

Intel Core i7 processors are fast for rendering, with as many CPU cores and as fast a CPU clock speed (GHz) as possible. Pair this with suitable amounts of system RAM and you can’t go wrong for quick renders on an Intel Core i7 processor (64Bit).

  • High Performance Multi-Core Processor (4-6x Cores)
  • Optional Heterogeneous CPU/GPU Rendering Architecture
  • Available with 1-4x NVIDIA Professional GPUs (6GB Memory per GPU)
  • Powerful, yet Power Efficient
  • Rock Solid Reliability and Stability

We all know time is money, so don’t waste your time/money rendering on an old processor. Upgrade today to the very latest Intel core i7 processor workstations from Workstation Specialists and watch your invest pay for itself less than 3 months.

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