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High Speed Strucad Computer Workstations

Our bespoke, custom build Strucad workstations / Mobile Workstations allow AceCad Software’s Strucad detailing system to run faster and more efficient than ever. This provides structural engineers and steel detailers the ability to produce large complex Strucad models without any the limitations or bottlenecks associated with inferior computer hardware. Creating Drawing, Issuing Jobs & Rendering Complex Models in Struwalker become effortless allowing for maximum return of investment (ROI) and a much quicker time to market (TTM).

“Our workstations dramatically increase the speed at which you can detail, removing system bottlenecks and unleashing the true power of your Strucad software investment”

With our industry leading price/performance you also get a great return of investment (ROI). All backed award winning customer care, after sales service and support.

Want to make your drawing office more productive?

Tired of waiting around for your models to update? or simply want to beat the competition & produce more complex work?

StruCad is the worlds leading 3D structural steel detailing system. Putting a unique array of powerful modeling and detailing tools into the hands of draughting professionals. Providing the most productive solution for steelwork detailing anywhere in the world.

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