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High Speed Laptops for Steel Detailing


Workstation Specialist Laptops enhance your Detailing & BIM Productivity

Steel detailing software and building information modelling systems cover project workflow’s from conceptual design to detailing, fabrication and construction. Integrated tools provide users with the ability to design and create life like 3D models of any size or complexity. We have designed high performance Steel Detailing Laptops that can enhance the speed and efficiency of any drawing office.

By providing today’s professional steel detailers with the latest workstation & pro graphics technologies, they can maximize their software investments, detail massive 500+ tonne structures, render complex 3D structures and fabricate designs quicker and easier than ever before; reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing productivity.

“Our WSM Laptop Workstations increase the speed you can detail, remove bottlenecks & unleashing the true power of your software investment”

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