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High Performance Maya Laptop Workstation

Autodesk® Maya® running at optimum performance is a demanding piece of professional software. For that very reason Workstation Specialists have developed one of the fastest professional mobile workstations to date, to provide VFX professionals the power they require anytime anywhere. Our range of high performance mobile Autodesk Maya Certified laptop workstations will transform the way in which you work, enabling you to produce more at a faster rate, but with the added benefit of being able to work from any location.

Experience Autodesk® Maya® 3D VFX software like never before and let your creativity express itself by removing painful hardware bottlenecks and long render times expect and associated with a slow un-certified laptop.

Autodesk® Maya® is a powerful professional piece of software with integrated 3D modelling, capabilities for animations and producing stunning 3D graphical renders. From Character Animation, Film Production or Motion Graphics, the WS-M (Mobile Workstation) series of Maya laptop workstations allows you to work faster, produce more, in less time and headaches.

Why not sample Maya like Autodesk intended, without any hardware bottlenecks

  • Latest Intel Quad-Core CPU Architecture
  • NVIDIA Quadro 4Gb Professional Graphics
  • 4x Dedicated CPU Rendering Cores
  • DDR3 High Speed System Memory
  • Up to 4.5TB of Hard Disk Storage
  • UK Manufactured & Supported
  • and much, much more…..

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