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High Performance Computing (HPC) Nodes


Maximize your HPC Server investment, with our extensive range of 1U rack mountable HPC nodes and servers.

Custom built to order, to exact client specifications (whether this be application, project or budget) our 1U 19″ rack-mounted high performance HPC cluster nodes (servers) are specially developed and utilize the very latest multi-core processor technologies from Intel (Xeon), high bandwidth, ECC registered memory (up to 512GB per node/server) and the latest Infiniband network interconnects. All backed by our unique after sales, service and superior technical support packages.

Engineered to provide maximum performance per watt, for the most intensive of computational processing tasks, we specialize in the design and manufacturer of some of the world’s fastest, most powerful 1U HPC compute cluster servers (nodes).

Energy Efficient, Low Power, High Performance HPC System Specialists.

All our High Performance Computing (HPC) Compute Cluster Nodes are 100% NVIDIA Certified and are Compatible with the NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Servers/Systems

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