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High Performance Computing (HPC) Nodes

High Performance Computing (HPC) Nodes are powerful, 1U rack-mountable multi-core processor (server) nodes designed to be housed in computer data centre’s as part of a larger compute cluster (multiple HPC nodes make a HPC cluster, or HPCC as they are more commonly known).

Combined as part of a high performance HPC compute cluster, an number of individual compute nodes can be combined for higher levels of performance and larger amounts of system memory. Example: 10x compute nodes, each with 96GB of RAM and 12x CPU Cores could be combined as part of a small cluster to provide 960GB of RAM and 120x CPU Processing Cores. This would be viewed by the end user as one large cluster, allowing them to compute much larger data sets than simply possible on a single HPC node itself.

Designed for maximum performance per watt, whilst providing TeraFLOPS (1000’s of GigaFLOPS) of processing power to your complex challenges, our extensive range of High Performance HPC Nodes are the ideal choice for even the toughest computing challenges (including scientific/drug research, oil and gas exploration, computational finance, and many more…)

All our High Performance Computing (HPC) Nodes & Server are 100% NVIDIA Certified and are Compatible with the NVIDIA Tesla GPU Servers/Computing Systems

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