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High End Laptop

It does not matter how complex your projects may be, users of the latest 3D professional software demand high end Laptops for a smooth and productive workflow. High end, power computers in a laptop form are hard to find; however here ate Workstation Specialists we are proud to have developed a near desktop like performance platform in both a 15.6″ and 17.3″ laptop system.

Powered by the latest high end computer technology from Intel and NVIDIA (Quadro 3D Graphics our WS-M series provide large amounts of power to demanding mobile users.

We are 100% dedicated to producing ultimate high end laptops for the professional market. Developed to streamline every area of the design & manufacturing pipeline we specialise in computer workstation & graphics technologies with only the very latest technolgies for fantastic levels of ROI.

  • Intel Core i5 Dual-Core & Core i7 Quad-Core 64bit Processors
  • Professional NVIDIA Quadro Pro 3D Graphics
  • Powerful Workstation Architecture
  • Support for Large Amounts of High Speed DDR-3 Memory
  • Up to 3TB of Hard Disk Storage
  • 15″ & 17″ Widescreen Laptop LED/LCD Display
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Certified
  • 100% UK Manufactured & Supported

“In order to run any software efficiently and to get the very most out of your design team it makes sense to invest in dedicated high performance certified CAD laptop, so that designers can work from any location (home or abroad) without any drop in productivity.”

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