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High End Computer Workstations

If you are a user of demanding professional software, then the need for a suitably powerful high end 64Bit computer workstation is almost mandatory if you want to stay productive in today’s fast paced market.

High end computer workstations from WS are specially designed and built for demanding user tasks. This can include high end image analysis, scientific calculations, computational finance, 3D graphics, visual effects, rendering, computer aided engineering and so much more.

At workstation specialists our high end workstations have been designed to excel, under the toughest of user challenges and have been engineered from the ground up to provide high end power, high end performance and high end stability no matter what you through at them.

Specifications of high end computational or 3D graphics workstations can be configured to suit precise user requirements, whether this be project or budget related.

  • High Performance Multi-Processor Workstations
  • Support for over 250GB of Memory
  • Multi-GPU Enabled Architecture
  • Powerful, yet Power Efficient
  • Rock Solid Stability as Standard

Time is money, so why waste your time/money on slow outdated hardware when a High End workstation from workstation specialists can offer the performance you need at a fraction of the cost of your time.

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